ezAuctioning charges a commission based on the final selling price of the auction. eBay fees and a payment processing fee are also applied. Commission is assessed based on the following structure:

38% of the first $500
28% of the next $2000 ($501-$2,500)
18% of the remaining amount (over $2500)

Other Fees:

eBay fees and payment processing fees are also applied to each sale.

Premium Service Charge (if selected) – $19.99 if your item does not sell at requested starting price.
Pickup Service Charge (if selected)

When should you expect to receive a check?

You should receive a check approximately 30 days from the end of the auction. Please note that winning bidders who delay in paying for your item will cause delays in the receipt of your check. Rarely, a winning bidder may remit payment for the item; in this case we cancel the original auction and re-list your item for free. Your check amount and timing will be based on the results of this new auction

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