1. Do I need to make an appointment?

No - just drop on in. ( Store Hours )

2. Where are you located?

See our locations, hours and contact information here.

3. What are your hours?

Store Hours

4. What items you do not sell?

We only accept items that are $50.00 or more in value. We do not accept most clothing articles, excluding military memorabilia and high-end items that are new with tags. We evaluate furniture and other large items on a case-by-case basis.

5. How long does the process take?

We typically have your item posted on eBay within 7 days. The auctions run for 7 days. We typically receive payment within a few days, but it may take as long as two weeks.

6. When will I receive my check?

We mail checks within a week from the time we receive payment for all of your items.

7. Do you pick up items?

Yes - we offer a Pickup Service with a few conditions. For more details click 

8. Are you a franchise?

No. We are independently owned and operated. See our About Us section for more details.

9. Do you ship internationally?

Yes - we ship internationally so you do not lose any potential bidders.

10. What does it cost to use ezAuctionings service?

ezAuctioning sells your item on a consignment basis and charges a commission based on the final selling price. Click here for more details.


We are accepting new fundraising customers. Contact us regarding your organizations needs. 

Bring us your baseball and softball gear soon to take advantage of the active season. 

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